How to go around a genuine PMP Exam prep?

PMP Exam prep has to be extensive, if you seek to complete the massive examination syllabus on time. The preparations usually takes 4-5 months to complete, where it takes you through a rigorous study schedule to effectively prepare you to solve the questions asked in the examination. Below we will be discussing certain crucial steps which will help you undergo the preparation, and crack the examination on the first attempt.

How to prepare for the PMP Examination?

First and foremost, before you start preparing for the PMP Exam, you need to go through the handbook published by the PMI. The Handbook features the basics of certification, prerequisites, eligibility criterion, procedures and guidelines, which are an effective head start for your preparation.  

Once you are aware of the basics, you can then craft a solid study plan. The plan should include milestones every now and then, which you can overcome to complete the massive syllabus on time. As the examination takes 4-5 months to prepare, you can plan accordingly and schedule your examination dates.

Go through the professional certification training

You need to get the mandatory 21-hour PMP Training in order to qualify to be able to appear for the examination. The training program is designed to enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise of project management concepts and prepare you to land on a good score in your examination.

Alongside the training program, you can start to gather your examination study materials. You must be thorough with the PMBOK guide, as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide is the core study and reference material for the questions asked in the examination. You can also get additional project management and Business Analyst Courses Toronto here,to get a good grasp over the contents of your examination.

Make sure you practice 24X7, and have examination day preparations. Absolutely do NOT study a day before your PMP exam.

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