Steps to Pass Business Analysis Certification

Business analysis is a very well known profession. Many people around the world participate in the exam. The main work of business analysis is to analyze a continuing organization and help them to grow their business. Every business organization needs business analyzer.

To qualify for this certification you need to have 7500 hours of experience in the last 10 years. You can get the idea of preparation for business analyst training. As from above mention information you can understand, that this certification is not easy. Here are the steps for obtaining a business analysis certification.

Study The BABOK

The use of BABOK is similar to the use of PMBOK in the PMP course. The most senior professional in this profession is CBAP. And BABOk is used for all the exams of IIBA. You need to understand the BABOK and its content to understand business analysis. It might take a bit more time to fully understand it.

Most of the individuals in this professional join a study group and discuss the contents of BABOK to enhance the overall understanding and experience. BABOK contains a total of 7 areas such as elicitation, underlying competencies, enterprise analysis, requirement analysis, solution assessment, validation, and business analysis planning and monitoring.

Qualify The Minimum Requirements

There are some minimum requirements that you need to meet before applying for the business analyzer just like the PMP course. The requirements are,

  • Minimum educational qualification, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute.
  • In the last 4 years, 21 hours of professional development is a must. 
  • You need to have experience in 4 areas of BABOK among others.
  • Business analysis experience of 5 years or 7500 hours.
  • 2 references from any certified business analysis professional or clients.

Many people working as a business analyst for years don’t know about this profession. But most of them are eligible for applying. Additionally, you need a code of conduct signed to meet the requirements. Business analyst training can help you to meet the requirements.

Earn The PDS

Many candidates get puzzled in this part of the requirement. Earning the 21 professional development hours documented can be hard at ta time. But those who prepare for the business analysis certificate a bit early, they can arrange all the PDS in the last 4 hours. Having the PDS also provides many conferences and opportunities for business analysis certification. Some courses that qualify for PDS are IIBA, Laura’s virtual professional development courses, EEP and many more.

Submit your application to receive the date of exam  

Submit the application to IIBA and wait for the exam dates. Normally exam dates are set after 2-3 months, but you can set the exam dates on your choice and you cant appear again if you don’t pass in the 1st try. Within 1 year you can schedule your exam 2 times. The option to reschedule the exam date gives you enough time to prepare yourself which is not available in the PMP course.

Conclusion Follow the above-mentioned steps to shine in your professional career as a business analyst.

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