Different sections and difficulty of PMP exam

Competition is increasing in every industry, and now a bachelor’s degree is not enough to shine in the profession or get the dream come true. Different types of certifications are available in every industry.

PMP is a very good certification in the project management field. But many more certifications are open for doing after successfully passing the PMP exam. You can take PMP training to pass this exam smoothly.

PMP exam sections

The PMP exam is not difficult if you follow some of the sections. There is a total of 20 different areas in the 5 sections. PMP exam includes all the tasks and questions mixed up from all the sections and areas to test the knowledge and skill. These sections are:

  1. Initializing the project

This is the first section of the exam. 13% of the total test comes from this knowledge area. There are mostly 6 tasks in this section along with the skills and knowledge section. The 6 tasks can require many things such as developing a project charter, analyzing the document and many other project management related tasks. You can get an idea of tasks in PMP prep.

  1. Planning the project

This section is double of the 1st section, as it contains 24% of the test along with 12 tasks in this section. As the name suggests this section is made for planning the whole project. The tasks might include creating a project plan, developing a project plan, handling meetings, real-world tasks. If you need help how to plan a project, you can take PMP training

  1. Executing the Plan

This section is the largest among all other sections and also the most important section of the test. As the name suggests this the execution of the project after planning it. This section includes 30% of the test but unlike others, it only consists of 6 tasks of project management. It consists of only 6 tasks but takes the longest time among all the other sections. Unlike the other knowledge and planning sections, this section includes obtaining resources, following plans, making changes, etc. PMP training is very helpful if you want to know how to get the maximum number in this exam.

  1. Monitoring and controlling the project

This section includes 25% of the total exam. As the name suggests this section is all about monitoring the project after the execution and controlling it further. It also includes 6 tasks and monitors project performance, quality control, and controlling the finishing time of the project along with controlling risks and quality of the project. The question section checks the knowledge of monitoring and controlling. You can know details about this section on PMP prep.

  1. Closing the project

This is the last and final section of the project management exam. This section includes around 8% of the total exam. Unlike others, despite having only 7% of the total exam it consist of 7 tasks. These 7 tasks include archiving, transferring ownership, customer relationship, distributing projects. This section is mostly based on feedback, compliance, techniques, etc.  

Conclusion  You need to get ready for these 5 knowledge sections to pass the PMP exam in the first attempt.









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