Importance of getting Business Analyst & Project Management Certifications!

At some point of time in career, almost every BA (Business Analyst) and PM (Project Manager) wonders whether to get some sort of certification. It is said that the need of these two designations will grow in the coming years. So, individuals can help prepare themselves to enter this filed by earning certain certificates.

Irrespective of whether you are currently working or a fresher anyone can expand their skills set and keep their knowledge up to date.

Why you should get a Business Analyst Certification?

Though it is not mandatory to be certified to enter this field this may ease your entry. Here, are a few reasons for doing the certain course:

  • Getting certified is one of a great way to build credibility as a BA. If you do a few certifications it will validate your skills and if your skillset is already impressive then it will make it obvious to potential employers.
  • If one wants to increase their earning potential the investing in the certification is a great way. In simple terms, we could say that if you invest in these courses today then you are helping yourself to increase your future paycheques.
  • The opportunity and chance to meet and interact with a peer who seeks the same objective also increases. Networking is not a different activity. But it can be said that you kill two birds with the same stone.

Why you should get a Project Management Certification?

When we talk about Project Manager, the certification that comes in our mind is by far the most widely recognized course which is PMP Certification (Project Management Professional) that is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • If you have a PMP certification you get a certain level of prestige and greater access to jobs with high salaries. It has been studied that a credential holder earns 20% more than their non-certified peers.
  • Hiring preference is received by ones who are certified as recruiters believe that this will help their organization to be competitive and meet the goal.
  • It is believed that high performance and success are directly linked to employing certified applicants.

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