Hidden truths you must know to crack the PMP & CBAP exam!

Before you start your journey of attaining CBAP certification(Certified Business Analyst Professional) or the PMP course (Project Management Professional), you must go through some research and learn the best tricks and ways that many successful people have tread to attain their certification.

These hidden tips, when performed make your job much easier or you could say more simplified for passing the exam.

Let us see the tricks one by one:

Certified Business Analysis Professional:

  1. Get the BABOK guide and skim it: One of the most important creations of IIBA (International Institute of Business Analyst) is the guide book that complies with the generally accepted knowledge and practices of BA professionals. So, you should first skim the guide and get familiar with the concepts and tasks in the guide.
  2. Try to read the whole BABOK: after you have submitted your application you need to start your preparation in earnest. It is but obvious that you could not read it in one sitting so try to make a plan to read it over time and jot down the points which you think are important.
  3. Have practice exam questions: While following the above tips, having practice exam is a great way to prepare. These are the best ways that give you feedback and let you know how well you are absorbing the BABOK.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification:

  1. Have a thorough reading of the PMP handbook: You should have a look at the handbook which is easily available ok the PMI’s website (Project Management Institute). The fact is when you know something you have question popping up in your mind and this book has to answer to all your questions.
  2. Plan and work hard: The PMP exam prep is a serious endeavour and requires dedication. According to the need, you think you require to put in the preparation manage and plan your hours.
  3. Read the PMBOK Guide: Considered as the Bible for these exams, this Project Management Book of knowledge has all the topics, concepts, and questions in it.

Hurry and start your PMP exam prep and CBAP exam prep at the earliest!

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