Project Management exams at a glance!

Project Management is a lucrative career choice with a good salary. Additionally, it can also open doors to exciting and engaging work in a variety of industries. With the increasing demand, it has been found that many aspiring project managers look to advance their careers by obtaining certifications.

If you too are mulling over your options for getting the credential, then you would have already heard of the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is considered as one of the best and globally recognized institutes that offers various courses such as CAPM course, PMP, and more. Apart from all the other certifications provided, these two are being in demand. There are various signs of doing these courses.

However, if you are looking into obtaining these credentials, you would wish to know more about the specifics. So here it is:

What is Project Management Professionals Exam?

It is considered as a gold standard among the various other Project Management certification. The exam is also said to be one of the toughest, so PMP Exam Prep requires tremendous efforts and hard work. The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and is of four hours. All the questions are based on the concepts and principles in the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). It goes beyond simple memorization of topics and concepts, tests your ability to apply the knowledge.

What is a Certified Associate in Project Management Exam?

Similar to the above exam, it is also based on the PMBOK guide. However, compared to PMP it is less difficult as it focuses on the understanding of the principles and concepts rather than applying it. The exam is for three hours and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. Only it is worded differently, hence if you get comfortable with the guide book then your chance of passing the exam is more. Though it is easier than PMP Exam Prep that doesn’t mean it is a cakewalk. Vigorous and continuous hard work is mandatory in both scenarios.

Have you started your preparation yet? If no, then hurry as time is running fast!

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