Conquer the World of Project Management

Project Management as a profession has gained a lot of value over the past few years. However, with the increase in the value of the project managers, the number of professionals entering the field has also seen the rise. This has led to great competition within the field. This makes it very difficult for a deserving candidate to reach his desired place amidst this huge crown. However, there is a great option for professionals who wish to boost their careers as project managers. They can seek to get certified by one of the certifications by the PMI Institute, which is considered to be the most prominent ones in the profession. Below mentioned are two of its most promising Certifications.

CAPM Certification by PMI:

CAPM is an entry-level certification for project managers who have very low work experience or for the ones who are still thinking about entering the field of Project Management. Moreover, CAPM training can be really helpful for new applicants to start their professional life on the right note. It can help them get into one of the best corporates with their first job itself.

PMP Certification by PMI:

PMP is one of the most advanced certifications that is regulated under the PMI and surely does require a whole lot of work experience as well as PMP Prep to gain this certification. Moreover, this valuable certification is accepted by most of the multi-national companies, thus providing the professional with exposure to the international market.

However, even before you think about gaining this prestigious certification, it is a must for you to have a minimum of 3-5 years of work experience even to apply for this advanced certification. Therefore, do not forget to check out the detailed eligibility criteria at the official PMI website before proceeding further.

Gaining either one of the above mentioned PMI Certifications based on your work experience can allow you to cater to a much broader opportunity base in the international market than your current situation; therefore, start your CAPM and PMP Exam Prep now and fulfill all your career goals.

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