Make yourself ready for the most advanced Project Management Certification

Everyone knows that PMP certification is one of the most advanced certifications for the project managers out there. Moreover, it has a high value all over the globe and can be very helpful in boosting your career graph. Also, if you wish to gain this particular certification, you shall require a whole lot of work experience as well as PMP training in order to become eligible for the same and clear its certification exam respectively. You should start preparing for this valuable certification right from the start of your career. For the same, knowing its eligibility criteria is very important. Let us explore the same.

What are the requirements to appear for the PMP Certification exam?

In order to become eligible for the PMP certification exam, the applicants are required to fit in either one of the below mentioned two eligibility criteria:

  1. If the applicant has a high school diploma, he shall need a minimum work experience of 5 years along with working hours of 7500 hours. Along with these criteria, the applicant shall also be required to complete a PMP prep worth of 35 hours.
  2. The applicants having a higher educational qualification shall be required to have only 3 years of work experience along with 4500 hours of working as a project manager in order to appear for the PMP certification exam. The applicants with higher qualifications are also required to successfully complete the PMP exam prep of 35 hours in order to appear for the certification exam.

If you are able to fulfil either one of the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, well & good for you! However, if you do not meet the required criteria, you can aim to get the CAPM certification. It is also regulated under the PMI institute; however, it is a low-level certification that the PMP. Therefore, it required a much lower amount of work experience to become eligible for. We can promise that either one of these certifications will do a lot of good for your career and increase your value as a professional.

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