Know all about the Professional Certifications

If you are planning to enter the professional field of either project management or Business Analysis, you are most probably on the right track as these two are the fastest growing professions as of now. Also, if you are already in the professional field and are willing to boost your performance now, then also you have reached the right place. People seeking growth in the field of Business Analysis can gain an IIBA certification, whereas, the ones looking for growth in the field of Project management can go in for PMI certifications after proper PMP exam prep. Let us explore the opportunities that are provided under these institutes.

Certification by the PMI Institute:

  • CAPM: This is an entry-level certification and can be gained even without any prior work experience. However, the applicant must hold a high school diploma and appear for 23 hours of official course by PMI.
  • PMP: As PMP is the most advanced certification for project managers, it requires 3-5 years of work experience along with 35 hours of mandatory PMP prep course to become eligible for its certification exam.

Certifications by the IIBA Institute:

  • ECBA: Appearing for the ECBA certification exam does not require any prior work experience. However, professionals who are willing to get the same must have gained at least 21 hours of professional development over the past 4 years, along with having a minimum qualification of completing a high school diploma.
  • CCBA: CCBA required a minimum of 7 years of work experience before the applicants can apply to appear for its certification exam. Not only that, but the applicants are also required to gain a minimum of 21 hours of professional development well within the time period of the last 4 years of their profession.

If you are eligible either for CCBA or PMP, you should go ahead for either post your CCBA or PMP training, based on your interest. However, if you do not qualify as of now for these certifications, you can go in for their counterparts, ECBA, or CAPM respectively to push your career forward.

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