Your first step towards the Summit of Project Management

The job of a project manager entails a lot of smaller details. You are required to maintain cohesion among your team, perform your duties as the lead, and ensure that the project is completed on time while making sure that the inputs of the client are taken into consideration. Project Managers are professionals, who are adept at managing their teams, managing time, and building a strong team that can accomplish any project and, thus the PMP training is an acknowledgment of their skills and experience.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional and is a professional level certification for project managers, one of the highest certifications available. This certification allows project managers to move further ahead in their careers and lead projects on a more global level.

This certification course holds so much sway in the international stage that PMP certified professionals are seen as the cream of the crop and capable of leading big international projects.

Why should you look forward to PMP?

PMP is a top-level certification offered by the PMI making it one of the most sought after certifications in the world for project managers. Getting PMP certified allows you to look for work in almost any part of the world and lead projects that require partnership among international parties and teams. PMP training is a mark of quality and puts a price tag on your services that reflect your knowledge and experience. You can demand higher salaries, go for bigger projects, and command a reputation that precedes you.

Are you Eligible to appear for the PMP Certification exam?

Before you start with your PMP prep, find out if you are eligible for the course.

  • Do you have a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma?
  • Bachelor’s degree holders are required to show a 3-year work experience along with 4500 hours as the lead project manager.
  • Diploma holders are required to show a 5-year work experience along with 7500 hours as the lead project manager.
  • You are also required to complete the 35-hour study program on PMBok (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

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