Perks of Adding Credentials to your Resume!

Whether it is a business or an individual, to thrive and grow the key element is the continuous thirst of knowledge. The thirst for knowledge can be quenched by continuing with higher education and certification programs.

In the world Business Analyst and Project Managers, IIBA Certification (International Institute of Business Analysis) and PMI courses (Project Management Institute) holds the top slot when it comes to global recognition.

Earning the credentials offers many benefits:

  • It improves knowledge, work performance, recognition, and widen market opportunities. Moreover, it also provides an individual assessment of one’s capability, which can be a significant advantage when it comes to landing certain stakeholders or projects.
  • They show commitment as they go through vigorous hard work for preparing and clearing the examination, thus the organizations recognize their hard work and commitment which the candidate has put into it.
  • If one does the programs such as the PMP Course (Project Management Professionals), it gives them a designation that is recognized by the international governing bodies. Hence, it opens doors to success.
  • You get a better career progression. With the updated skills, you become the preference of most of the employers and recruiters, as a result of it, you get a chance to enhance your career at a faster rate.
  • Better salary scope -: With more skills you get more salary. It has been proved that a certified candidate receives more salary than non-certified peers. Further, with the extra income, you get a chance to stand out in the competitive market.
  • Irrespective of the stage at which you are in your career, once you add some extra knowledge to your existing schema, the guarantee of success increases at a faster rate.

We could sum up by saying that doing IIBA Certification or PMI certification is a worthwhile investment because of the many advantages it provides throughout your career. While deciding the path to these credentials, always remember the benefits which you will derive from the certification journey itself.  Choose wisely and carefully and pick the approach that will maximize your time and financial investment.

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