Some drawbacks related to the PMP exam prep?

The PMP exam is all about attending the classroom sessions related to PMP course and after completing so many hours of project management education, you have to sit for the PMP certification exam. However, PMP exam prep courses in the classroom are not applicable if you are a full-time working professional. There are three main reasons for the following-.

  • The first one is, a classroom PMP exam prep is something that has to be pre-planned for future dates. You might pay an advance fee for the class, you would also plan to go to PMP classroom. But this might happen that the class may get cancelled due to less number of participants or your schedule might change and you cannot attend to classroom PMP course. You may face a loss in your money because the price you already paid for the PMP course may not be refundable if you opted for classroom training.
  • Secondly, there is immense pressure within a short duration of time of a duration within 5-6 days and long hours of training. A tough syllabus might be tedious to understand within a few days. A typical PMP exam prep plan requires around four or five months of preparation. Considering this bulk amount of study materials it will be tough to grasp all PMP content in a week. But instead, you can make notes getting each PMP knowledge area one-by-one, and studying on your own will be easier to get.
  • Surely, the Third one is the classroom PMP exam courses are much more expensive as compared to online PMP courses. A week ranging day’s classroom PMP course varies from $1,500-2,500. On the other hand, if you go for an online PMP exam prep, you can attend an online PMP course as low as $37 per month or $185 for annual payment. This makes an online PMP exam course which can be a lot cheaper options than the regular course.

You can check the PMP Exam prep of Master of Project Analysis for further details. This online PMP training option satisfies the candidates for project management training which the main motive of the exam is.

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