Add on a Certification tag to your Professional life!

Confused about the heading is and thinking is it even possible to have both the designation together? Before, you start buzzing your mind with all different thoughts look at the above-mentioned points which might serve as a great help for you. Have met people who are keen to learn new things and urge to have different certificates in their pockets? It surely would make you also urge for the same, but you get confused about which course to choose that can give you the best result.

So, it erases all the confusion from your mind, we have listed below the advantages or could say the perks that one can enjoy if he/she being a Business Analyst does any Project Manager programs. Moreover, it can be cherry on top if you choose the PMP Course that is by far the most recognized program, administered by the PMI (Project Management Professionals)

Perks of doing PMP Credential along with having done Business Analyst courses:

  • We all know that Business analyst doesn’t work in isolation; a project manager accompanies him/her. Therefore, when one gets quite familiar with all concepts and topics beforehand, the only difference is that you don’t go in-depth with each one of them. As a result, you can qualify the exam more quickly as you are already equipped with all the knowledge and information.
  • The journey will not start when you get the credential rather it start when you embark on that journey in search of knowledge you need to excel in. As you would be gaining practical information each day while working hence, your professional skills and knowledge increases at a greater speed.
  • The most important yet exciting thing about doing the PMP course is you can land anywhere you want. When you hold double credential your demand will increase and as a result, you could get the job which you desire and even can get it at any location you want. In short, the ball remains in your court. It all depends on how you start the game.

Business Analyst & Project Manager – Different Credentials overview!

In the world full competitions, we humans are running after the best. Whether it is your personal life or the professional, the desire and wish to have more never ends. As soon as we fulfill one of our desire, rather than celebrating it we start urging for a new one. Similar is the case with the different roles in the job market. Each day a new level is being introduced and for the same, the expectations are set high. In such a competitive world, are you aware of the various Business Analyst as well as Project Management programs that are available under each? Every aspirant who is willing to settle in Canada, pay due attention as it can be a medium for your success.

Project Management Programs:

Project Management courses help an individual in developing his/her skills of taking the decision and attaining the goals within the allowed time-bound. Their role generally involves completion of the project successfully along with keeping the leadership quality high and maintain good teamwork decorum.

The different courses offered are:

  • PMP Course (Project Management Professional)
  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)

These are few certifications that are being offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute), which is counted as one of the most renowned institutes that provide courses related to project management. Along with other credentials doing PMP Course from this institute is considered a gold standard. Earning certifications in this job field would like a feather in your cap.

Business Analyst Credentials:

The Business Analyst certifications serve as the liaison between the stakeholders and all the project teams. Their role involves, working within the policies and structure framed, recommending solutions that would help attain the company’s goals, and also providing the right solution to the problem at the right time.

The different Business Analyst courses available are:

  • CBAP (Certified Business Analyst Professional)
  • ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis)

These are the very few courses that are being offered by the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). Opt one of the programs and stand out in the crowd.

What are the benefits of Obtaining ECBA training?

Business Analyst is managing business enterprises who plan to develop, assume, and launch complete responsibility for the outcome of an organization’s efforts. 

Entrepreneurs handle the decision making, accounting, strategic planning, and financial operations of today’s most dynamic and successful organizations. 

Entrepreneurs have salaries based largely upon the nature of ECBA training and business planning and strategies and generally earn as more than 12 lakh to 50 lakh approx. annually. The way it helps-

1. Recognition of one’s business analysis capabilities

The capabilities Determine person is a capability because it describes what to be done as a business analyst and not how to be done. Communication and emailing are not capabilities because they describe ‘how’ a capability fulfilled.

Similarly, accounting strategy assets is a capability because it describes what is being done. Capabilities have outcomes and expectations ECBA training helps candidates to ensure that Capabilities must be clearly defined.

 Capabilities must have clear definitions at every level. Recognition something as Account Management requires not just a definition of the management portion but also the calculation and the accounts of the term. This forces how to increase the capability within the person.

 2. Better career opportunities

Better career opportunities are to learn new business probes as a business analyst as you feel that you are interested in that field. And explore career opportunities in the field that you may find interesting.

Trying more than onetime is preferred every time because this is a tough training. Until you won’t try enough options you won’t be able to recognize itself in the business field.

When you are done trying your best options, you will get some instincts or gut feelings that will make you feel motivated and move forward. That would be the best option for you. Is and sharply focuses on it particularly to get better job opportunities.

Always be updated with new business networks. In the particular field always keep learning and keep yourself updated and in no time you will get your achievement.

ECBA Training makes you accomplish the highest job and business opportunity graph through several challenges.

Why should every project managers follow ethics?

Every project manager knows the procedure of their daily task so that they do not face any difficulties. Even if they face difficulties, they know how to control it and the process of coming out of it. So, if you can become the best project manager, no one can stop you from overcoming bigger difficulties.

But for every project manager, now the most important thing is to follow ethics. After hearing it, you might be confused and think that it is essential for everyone to follow ethics. Yes, each and everyone must follow ethics in the field of project management.

While doing the PMP Exam Prep also you will be told the importance of ethics for every project manager. You might not understand its value today, but tomorrow you will surely understand it. Here is the reason which will tell you why every project managers need to follow ethics.

  • It allows you to make the right project decisions- Remember this thing that making sudden decisions without any idea is nothing but just a waste. If you know every ethics of project management, you can easily make the right project decisions. Therefore, it is advisable to every budding project managers to always follow the ethics. 
  • Minimizes the scope of risks- Everyone knows that risks are something that you have to face as a project manager. After following every single ethics, you will see the process of risk minimization and recommend it to your colleagues. You will see the business analysts who are IIBA Certification holders only follow ethics for this reason.
  • It gives you a better scope of success- Mark this thing important that if you follow ethics, it will provide you with better chances of success. It means that the project where you were supposed to get 30% success by following the ethics is 70% success. In the beginning, people find it hard to believe this thing, but after following them, they realize the value of ethics.

After going through these three important reasons, you will surely understand the value of ethics in project management. Just go through them, and you will realize its importance in the daily activities of project management.

Why Project managers cannot run away from problems?

It is a known fact that the project management field has unlimited success opportunities for everyone. But for this thing, you have to be aware of the daily activities and know how to solve complicated problems. If you are clear about these things, then no one can stop you from becoming a successful project manager.

But nowadays many project managers run away from problems and think that they can be solved anyhow. If you have this mindset, then forget about the dreams which you have seen before opting for the project management field. In other words, you have to solve every problem with an easy and quick solution.

Even, after hearing it if you keep the mindset of running away from problems, then here are its consequence. Just go through them, and you will have the power to make up your own decision.

  • No recognition in the market- Being a project manager, everyone should have recognition in the market through which a value can be raised. If you keep running away from problems, then no one will know you in the business market. People who are going for the PMP Exam Prep always know this consequence as a highlight.
  • None of the stakeholders will trust you- The most significant consequence of running away from problems is that none of the stakeholders will trust you. In other words, you will get black-listed, and they will refer to you as an escapist from every problem. Today even the business analysts who are a holder of Business Analyst Courses Toronto lose trust from their stakeholder.
  • Teammates will resign- Never expect your teammates to be with you even if you run away from problems. Specifically, teammates resign due to management problems or any other sort of issue. But being a project manager if you run away from problems it is guaranteed that your teammates will resign. This way, all your efforts will be wasted, and it would be difficult for you to build-up an efficient team.

So, as a project manager if you do not want to fall under these consequences better face every problem. Remember this thing problems will give you the right direction to your success path.

How to go around a genuine PMP Exam prep?

PMP Exam prep has to be extensive, if you seek to complete the massive examination syllabus on time. The preparations usually takes 4-5 months to complete, where it takes you through a rigorous study schedule to effectively prepare you to solve the questions asked in the examination. Below we will be discussing certain crucial steps which will help you undergo the preparation, and crack the examination on the first attempt.

How to prepare for the PMP Examination?

First and foremost, before you start preparing for the PMP Exam, you need to go through the handbook published by the PMI. The Handbook features the basics of certification, prerequisites, eligibility criterion, procedures and guidelines, which are an effective head start for your preparation.  

Once you are aware of the basics, you can then craft a solid study plan. The plan should include milestones every now and then, which you can overcome to complete the massive syllabus on time. As the examination takes 4-5 months to prepare, you can plan accordingly and schedule your examination dates.

Go through the professional certification training

You need to get the mandatory 21-hour PMP Training in order to qualify to be able to appear for the examination. The training program is designed to enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise of project management concepts and prepare you to land on a good score in your examination.

Alongside the training program, you can start to gather your examination study materials. You must be thorough with the PMBOK guide, as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide is the core study and reference material for the questions asked in the examination. You can also get additional project management and Business Analyst Courses Toronto here,to get a good grasp over the contents of your examination.

Make sure you practice 24X7, and have examination day preparations. Absolutely do NOT study a day before your PMP exam.

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