Accentuating Business Analyst and Project Management Profile!

Moving abroad for higher studies or a job or even for a business purpose has become a desire of everyone whether it’s a youngster or the adults. Settling abroad is a trend nowadays which everyone wants to follow. Study days that Canada is the leading country which gives infinite opportunities for jobs as well as higher studies.

Canada Immigration and Certified Professionals:

Canada not only gives opportunities to the immigrants but also provides a friendly environment that helps the people to adjust easily in the new atmosphere. When we are discussing immigration how could we resist not talking about the various courses which every individual applies for in order to clear it and settle down in Canada?

Canada has a high demand for certified Project Managers and Business Analysts. Also, it does provide other courses certification as well but these two are the most popular and demanded courses.

Business Analyst Certifications:

Business Analyst Certification is given to people who aspire to gain deeper knowledge being a business analyst. There are different levels of certification available, according to eligibility criteria one can apply for any certification. If he/ she get certified at any level the chances of getting a longer secured job increase.

Project Management Certifications:

While on the other hand if we talk about Project Management then similar to Business Analyst it also provided certification in different concepts like the PMP i.e. Project Management Professional and others. If a person wants to have a certification he/she needs to have a thorough PMP exam prep so that he/she could get familiar with the concepts and crack the exam at the first try.

Examination of both the types of certifications is almost similar only the difference is between there concept and topic. The pattern remains similar to much extend but both of them requires diligence and continuous work

There are different guide materials available online as well as offline; one could take help from any of these guides to have a defined explanation about the concept. PMBok guide could be referred for the PMP exam prep which has all the information related to the topic and exam structure.

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Explore the advanced level Project Management Courses

Surviving in the field of project management as well as business analysis for the long run can quite be a big challenge. If you are a highly experienced project manager, the certification that you can aim for, in order to boost your career is the PMP certification course Similarly, the most advanced business analyst certification that one can aim for is the CCBA certification. Below mentioned are further details about both these advanced level professional certification courses.

Details about PMP Certification Course:

The PMP certification is regulated under the Project Management Institute, which is known to be regulating some of the best certifications in the field of project management. However, if you wish to get certified with the PMP certification, you would need to clear its certification exam, eligibility criteria for which have been provided below:

  • To be eligible for the PMP certification exam, it is required for each and every high school diploma holder to have gained a minimum of 5 years of work experience with at least 7500 hours of working as a project manager. The applicants for the PMP certification course who have a degree or a higher qualification can appear for the exam only after 3 years of work experience in addition to a minimum of 4500 hours of working as a project manager.
  • All the applicants for the PMP certification exam are also required to complete the mandatory 35 hours of formal PMP training.

Details about CCBA Certification Course:

CCBA is regulated under the International Institute of Business Analysis. This certification is one of the most advanced ones in the field of business analysis and you can only apply for the same if you fulfill all the below-mentioned requirements:

  • You must hold at least 3750 hours of professional business analyst experience, which must be gained over the past 7 years.
  • Within these 3750 hours of professional experience, it is also mandatory to have completed at least 900 hours each, in either 2, or 500 hours each, in either 4 of the BABok knowledge guide areas.
  • Apart from that, all the applicants also need to have gained at least 21 hours of professional development over the past 4 years.

A less advanced alternative for the PMP certification course is the CAPM certification, which is also regulated by PMI. An IIBA alternative for the CCBA certification is the ECBA certification.

Start building your Project Management Career with CAPM Certification

Undoubtedly, project management is one of the first professional preferences for each and every entry-level aspirant out there. Well, project management is certainly one of the most promising professional fields in the current market. If you become successful in making your space in the professional field of project management, you can become tension-free about your upcoming future. However, in order to start your career from the right spot in the field, you should consider gaining a professional certification even before you enter the practical field. The best institute from which you can seek to get certified is the PMI. It is one of the most prominent international institutes that is responsible for regulating project management certification. The best entry-level certification that is regulated under PMI is the CAPM to clear which you can also seek online CAPM training. Below mentioned is some helpful information that would help you proceed towards your certification.

Check out if you are eligible for the CAPM Certification:

In order to gain the CAPM certification, you will require to not only gain proper online CAPM training but you shall also be required to clear the CAPM exam post that. In order to appear for the CAPM exam, you shall require to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

  • You should have successfully completed either high school, any of its global equivalent, or higher-level qualification.
  • You also should have a minimum of 1500 hours of professional experience in order to apply for the CAPM exam. However, alternatively, you can also complete 23 hours of formal CAPM training to become eligible.

How to prepare in an effective way for the CAPM certification?

  • The applicants should try to get a deep insight into the information that has been provided in the PMBok knowledge guide. The certification exam for CAPM has been laid down on the basics of project management that have been mentioned in this helpful professional guide.
  • The applicants can also seek to get online CAPM training from one of the PMI authorized institutes. Keeping the current situations in mind, it is best to opt for online CAPM training that you can take up from the comfort of your home rather than getting out in the crowd,

You can also join a PMI group to get a better understanding of Project Management as a professional field and seek guidance from highly experienced professionals.

Start your Preparation for Professional Certification Exams

If you are a project manager, the most advanced professional certification that you can apply for after proper PMP exam prep is the PMP certification. Similarly, the entry-level certification that one can refer to in order to start off their career in the professional field as a fresher is the CAPM certification. However, if you wish to succeed in the field of business analyst, the certification that highly experienced project managers can aim for is the CCBA certification, whereas, the certification that entry-level project managers can apply for is the CCBA Certification. Below mentioned are some tips that the applicants can refer to in order to apply for respective certification exams.

Start your Prep for Professional Project Management Exams:

In order to clear the CAPM or the PMP Certification Exam, you must follow the amazing expert tips mentioned below:

  1. The professional guide that a project manager can refer to in order to boost CAPM or PMP exam prep is the PMBok. It would guide you towards gaining the information regarding the stands as well as the guidelines that have been laid down for project management exams.
  2. All the applicants who wish to boost their CAPM or PMP exam prep should try to appear for some practice tests. It would allow the applicants to know in detail about the certification exam format and also boost the confidence of respective applicants.

Start your Prep for Professional Business Analyst Exams:

In order to clear the ECBA or the CCBA Certification Exam, you must follow the expert preparation tips mentioned below:

  1. In order to prepare for the business analyst certification by IIBA, you should refer to the BABok knowledge guide. It would help you boost your business analyst exam prep and help you clear your ECBA or CCBA exam.
  2. The applicants should also try to gain guidance from other business analyst certification applicants through online discussion forums. These forums can also provide the applicants with some helpful study material from business analyst aspirants from all across the world.

Before you start working on the above-mentioned PMP prep tips, you should not forget to check your eligibility for either one of the professional certification exams. For project management professional exams, you must refer to the official PMI website, whereas; for the professional business analyst exams, you would be required to refer to the official IIBA website.

How to earn the CAPM Certification in 2021?

The CAPM Certification provides the fundamental skills, vocabulary and procedures used to successfully perform the activities. The training is aimed at individuals who have program management skills. CAPM is an entry-level designation that includes a PMI credential program approved internationally. A comprehensive plan of research is crucial. A structured assessment and review must be done and the criteria must be fulfilled and the qualification test broken.

An overview of the CAPM Certification

You will then develop a training schedule, and properly coordinate courses. Furthermore, the PMBOK approach should be used to direct the primary research and connection to questions asked during review. The examination on the CAPM Exam requires approval of the final examination. Alternatively, other tools can be used to complete the exam. The second-largest amount is education. In an order to take the test you should pursue a technical education. In due course the detailed test plan is made. The procedures for finalizing the evaluation must be used in the planning of the analysis. There must also be understanding of protocols, procedures, and accreditation criteria.

You will need to schedule your evaluation date correctly when determining the length of the course. Either a project manager or a business analyst ‘s certificate, no matter what credentials you ‘re pursuing, would include a rigorous research schedule.

Why do you need to obtain a professional certification? If you choose a lawful degree in project management, the preparation curriculum is obligatory. The globally recognized PMI offers CAPM scores to prospective applicants worldwide. You must be adequately qualified, adequately instructed, meet the requirements and complete the exam in exams for obtaining accruals. Most schools approved conduct performance reviews. Making sure the trainers are highly qualified and knowledgeable at doing the same thing and direct you to the first step of qualification. You should practice for professional expertise whether it is CAPM, ECBA, PgMP or PMP Exam prep.

Explore the benefits of getting certified with PMP

Undoubtedly, PMP is one of the best and most advanced certifications that a project manager can look forward to. It is currently in high demand throughout the corporate world and the best of the companies are thriving to bag in some of the most experienced project managers who have successfully completed their PMP course Toronto and gained the title of a PMP certified professional. Below mentioned are some great benefits that you shall be able to enjoy if you gain your certification.

  • Increased and better Career Opportunities: If you are fed up with your current work environment and wish to explore opportunities throughout the world with better firms, nothing else can help you better than a PMP certification. PMP is highly valued by international firms and would surely help you in broadening your opportunity base. Getting certified will also make you eligible for a whole lot of opportunities that a non-certified candidate cannot even apply for.
  • Highly Increased Pay Scale: It is known worldwide that certified project managers get paid much more than non-certified ones. If you wish to transform your lifestyle and wish to enhance your current earning, it is highly recommended for you to get certified with PMP. However, if you are not eligible to appear for the PMP certification exam, you can also seek getting certified with CAPM, with is an entry-level certification but can impact your pay scale in an effective way.
  • Enhanced Skills and Knowledge: If you prepare rigorously for your PMP exam prep, it is definitely going to boost your skills as well as theoretical knowledge to a great extent that can turn out to be highly effective for you once you step back into the professional world.

Before you attempt to apply for the PMP certification, it is very important to figure out your eligibility for the same. If you have a high school diploma as your higher qualification, it shall be mandatory for you to complete 5 years of work experience with at least 7500 hours of working to apply for PMP. However, if you hold a 4-year degree or a higher qualification, you shall be able to appear for the PMP exam after having 3 years of experience with 4500 hours of working. All the applicants are also required to successfully complete 35 hours of formal PMP exam prep to appear for the certification exam.

Get to know all about the PMP Course

If you dream of becoming a highly successful project manager, you definitely must aim to get certified with the PMP certification, which is one of the most renowned as well as the most advanced certification in the field of project management. Additionally, it is regulated under PMI, which is one of the best project management institutes and all its certifications are accepted by a majority of international firms. If you wish to know more details about his advanced PMI certification, you should thoroughly go through the details that have been mentioned down below.

Know your eligibility for the PMP Certification:

If you really wish to gain the PMP certification, you need to first become eligible to appear for the PMP exam. If you succeed in fulfilling either one of the below-mentioned requirements, you can appear for the certification exam.

  1. If you hold a high school diploma, you will need to have at least 5 years of professional work experience and gain at least 7500 hours of working. You would also need to complete 35 hours of mandatory PMP prep.
  2. If you hold a 4-year degree certification or an even higher educational qualification, you would need at least 3 years of professional experience, combined with a minimum of 4500 hours of working. You would also be required to complete the 35 hours of mandatory PMP prep.

Boost your Preparation for the PMP Certification Exam:

  • First and foremost, you should carefully go through the content course for the PMP exam that has been introduced by PMI. Also, make sure that you get only the latest content course, that too from an official source.
  • You should also try to take as many mock exams as possible before you finally decide to take down your final certification exam. It will allow you to have a better understanding of the certification exam and also allow you to become better at time management.
  • You should also have a good enough grasp of the guidelines and standards that have been mentioned in the PMBok knowledge guide to have better chances of clearing the exam.

If you do not see yourself eligible for the advanced PMP certification by PMI, you can also target to get certified with the CAPM course for now. CAPM is also regulated under PMI, however; it is not mandatory to hold any kind of professional experience to appear for this certification exam.

Examine your Eligibility for highly demanded Project Management Certifications

A whole lot of youngsters out there dream of becoming successful project managers. However, with increasing competition in the professional world, it has certainly become tough to climb up the hierarchy and reach the heights of your professional life. Therefore, to make this process easier for you, you can try getting certified with some of the best project management certifications out there. The most demanded certifications in the field of project management right now are the CAPM course and the PMP course. Let us explore both these certifications and get to know more about them with the below-mentioned details.

Know more details about the CAPM Certification:

If you are setting your foot into the field of project management or have a very little amount of professional experience in the practical world, gaining this certification can be highly beneficial for your career. If you are in search of a job, it can help you get placed with one of the best international firms for a strong start in the profession. However, you also need to check your eligibility for the CAPM certification exam before you try to gain it with the below-mentioned criteria:

  • You should have completed a minimum of high school or any other global equivalent in order to appear for the CAPM Certification exam.
  • You also must hold a minimum professional work experience of 1500 hours. However, even if you do not have the same, you can also clear 23 hours of formal CAPM course in order to become eligible for the certification exam.

Know more details about the PMP Certification:

PMP is the most advanced level certifications in the field of project management that is regulated by PMI, which is one of the best project management certifications. It can be highly beneficial for the career of highly experienced project managers who are looking to cater to highly advanced opportunities in the international corporate market. In order to appear for the PMP Certification exam, it is mandatory for you to clear the requirements mentioned below.

  • You should hold a work experience of at least 5 years with 7500 hours of working if you hold a high school diploma or 3 years of work experience with 4500 hours of working if you hold a 4-year degree of higher qualification.
  • It is also mandatory for all the applicants to have completed 35 hours of PMP prep to become eligible for the certification exam.

CAPM Exam prep and its examination: Things you need to know

CAPM is an entry-level project management certification that requires you to fulfil the prerequisites, pass the credential test, and study for the CAPM Exam. The Project Management Institute offers eight globally recognized professional credentials, including Certified Associate in Project Management. CAPM is a PMI-accredited professional certification for mastering the concept of project management.

What are the requirements to qualify for the CAPM exam?

A minimum of one of the two conditions mentioned below must be met. To receive the credential, the massive examination course must also be completed, as well as a comprehensive examination.

  • Secondary Diploma with 1,500 hours of Professional experience on a project team.


  • Secondary Diploma with 23 hours of formal certification training.

Overview of the exam prep

Seventy percent of the questions on the qualification test are based on the PMBOK guide. You’ll need to build a good study plan if you want to finish the course on time. First and foremost, the meanings and terminology used in the PMBOK Guide must be carefully chosen. You may also use techniques like mock tests and simulations to help you meet the speed needed for professional qualification exams within a set timeline while taking a CAPM, PgMP, PfMP, or PMP course.

Attending local PMI seminars and workshops will help you exchange ideas for taking the CAPM and learn more about the test. These seminars need you to meet CAPM qualifications and project management applicants with aspirations.

Why get a professional certification?

A technical certification will assist you with understanding and engaging in project management’s core principles. Credentials also lead to better job prospects and a significantly higher salary than uncertified competitors. It is a benefit for these PMI and IIBA Certification to get full accreditation–no matter how eligible you are. The certificate demonstrates project management expertise and reputation.

ECBA and PMP Exam prep: Here’s what you need to know

Entry Certificate Business Analysis (ECBA) is a section level Certification that is especially valuable for new business examiners who have quite recently taken up a project or for professional s who need to develop a job in business examination. Your ECBA Certification prep fortifies the appreciation of the fundamental ideas of business exam and addresses the essentials of BABOK. BABOK is a significant guide for the business exam climate and is viewed as a book containing all the assets and data a business investigator needs. Your ECBA course will set you up for the exam and assist you with acquiring certification.

Project Management Professional (PMP, with its Spanish initials), nonetheless, is a certification course with project management professional s and one of the world’s most elevated Certifications for project managers. PMP checks your abilities, your group limit and leads a project and perceives the data of the Project Management Body (PMBoK) offered by the Project Management Institute. Toronto PMP training trains you for the exam and ensures that you are sure for the PMP exam. The certification of PMP is sufficient for you to seek after overall attempts, work abroad and procure a lot more significant compensation.

ECBA prep

ECBA is the ideal method to plan for your ECBA certificate and will permit you to truly get to know the fundamental ideas and standards of business exam. ECBA certification exams your BABOK aptitude, business and management cognizance and your capacity, under specific conditions, to break down and settle on right choices. The most critical in addition to you have is that you need no past experience to clear the exam and just data and clear nuts and bolts you need.

Having obtained a comprehension of the essentials and a solid information on business exam, you simply need 21 working hours to comprehend the preparation and what is expected of you as a business examiner.

PMP prep

PMP Exam prep gives you an incredible lift taking everything into account. The preparation guarantees your comprehension of the data body for project managements and the fundamentals are apparent. This preparation causes you to comprehend the certification interaction, test and the rules to turn into a project director licensed by PMP. Your work as a project director is helpful, yet it isn’t the lone reason for your certification and permits you to exhibit the essential abilities and involvement with this area.

Through the exam material given by PMI, you can adjust the material of your course and take joke exams will permit you to enter the zone and comprehend the exam design totally. Guarantee that the rudiments are cleared and licensed effectively during planning.

Arrive at new statures with various level of an IIBA certification

If that you are searching for a job in business exam, you are in the correct spot. IIBA Certification guarantee that both business investigators and working BA aficionados build up their aptitude to fulfil worldwide guidelines. This serves to consistently expand a BA’s degree of fitness at a particular level of its work. The Certification centers around business exam and spotlights on different degrees of specialized skill.

A nitty gritty depiction of the IIBA exams is given here:

What are the different authentication levels?

If that you attempt to build up your overall capacities, you should be fitting capable with your specialized mastery. Hence, make progressive upgrades to your profile with IIBA Certifications. The certifications for IIBA include:

Program Core BA

This educational program centers principally around the worldwide acknowledgment of BA professional s’ qualities and professional abilities. There are three degrees of IIBA certification to help the professional development of an organization examiner. These three levels in this manner give you full degree to become familiar with a scope of abilities. This serves to consistently build a BA’s degree of fitness at a particular level of its work.

You’re qualified?

The key Certification prerequisites for these exams rely upon whether you have finished in any event 7,500 hours as Business Analysts over a 10-year time span. Also, you should finish the data regions of the BABOK manage for 900 hours.


You can visit the authority site for data on the real program charges. Moreover, you can get in touch with us for more direction as you proceed with this way. You can likewise request discounts If that you can’t go to the exams. Think about a year from the date of the petitioning for a discount. In the event that you need more exhaustive help, you can likewise reach us for PMP Exam prep. The certification centers around business exam and spotlights on numerous degrees of specialized ability.

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