10 Best steps to develop a virtual team community

Here are a few strategies to help you create a well-connected, committed, and efficient virtual team community.

  • Regardless of the length of your meeting, prepare an agenda to give out to attendees. Members of the team want to know what will be discussed ahead of time. This makes it easier for them to plan ahead and engage more effectively.
  • If necessary, set aside a particular day and time per week/month for “recurring meetings” and “status updates.” All should prepare their schedules and avoid scheduling problems as a result of this.

  • Everyone’s time is precious, so keep meetings to a bare minimum and, as the chief, always be first in line. This also gives you time to “socialise” and warm up before you start.
  • Certain meetings necessitate the presence of particular people. Just invite those who are genuinely required to attend each meeting.
  • Use “visual anchors” including pictures, maps, photographs, and diagrams to keep people engaged. To improve the visual effect, use colour.
  • To ensure consistency and comprehension, use “visual anchors” such as contrasts, analyses, procedures and measures, examples, and repeating details for emphasis.

  • Use “connection anchors” to maintain attention and participation – Ask team members specific questions, shift responsibility for facilitation., 

  • Similarly distribute job assignments. In certain situations, leaders delegate jobs to team members subconsciously based on the leader’s view of the individual’s work success. The leader serves as a coach and mentor, and building high-performing teams requires confidence. Demonstrate your faith in your entire team.

  • Make a personal connection with each team member and build a rapport. This is needed to ensure that conversations about performance are constructive, relaxed, and meaningful.

  • Establish ways for the team to get to know each other. There are a variety of innovative ways to create a highly supportive virtual team atmosphere, including: Have weekly round-table discussions, pair people to work together, be an idea champion, and encourage everyone to come up with ideas for increasing participation and meeting enjoyment.

If the corporate world advances, this current virtual business climate will almost certainly continue. The team leader must adjust to the many new norms that are just over the virtual horizon as technology evolves to meet the needs.

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What Do I Need To Clear The PMP Training Course And Exam?

Needless to say, PMP Certification is a difficult nut to crack for first-time test-takers, with a failure rate of around 50%. (approx.) Not long ago, even test takers with years of experience struggled to pass the PMP exam because they underestimated the degree of difficulty and treated it lightly. PMP exams require a minimum of 35 PDUs and a commitment of 35 hours or more to prepare and ensure you have what it takes to ace the exam.

We must also consider the value of planning and strategizing, as well as identify all relevant learning areas that lead to PMP certification. There are certain aspects of the PMP Exam prep that you need to go through – in order to successfully complete the massive examination course.

To begin with:

  • Read the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition thoroughly.
  • Review books of reference materials from reputable training institutions.
  • Get hands-on training from industry experts.
  • Pursue a recognised PMP certification.
  • Participate in question-and-answer sessions.
  • Take practise exams.
  • Get a higher score on exam simulators.

Finally, regardless of the training programme you use, make sure you read the PMBoK guide at least twice (focus on a table illustrating the interaction between 13 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups with 47 processes and how they contribute to project management).

It is critical that you consider the PMP certification preparation process as a project. Prepare a timeline for all events leading up to the PMP certification. Divide the study sessions into smaller chunks and carry one at a time. The most important aspect is to enrol in a PMP training programme from a reputable institution in order to understand PMBoK, practise mock exams, review specific content, communicate with the instructor, and gain other benefits, all of which will help you ace the exam on the first try.

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How to maintain focus throughout your PMP prep course?

It might be difficult to keep focused when studying for the PMP Exam. It’s tough to maintain the degree of dedication required to study to the maximum extent feasible. Here are a few pointers to help you focus and stay focused during the exam.

Guidelines to effectively undergo your PMP prep

Set up and follow healthy study habits. Make a study plan that includes how you’ll focus the information, how much time you’ll spend on each section, and how long you’ll need to work on it. Finding the optimal learning environment for your PMP Certification preparations is crucial. Everyone is unique, and while some situations and settings may not suit others, they may suit you, and vice versa. Others prefer ambient noise, while others do not.

Many people prefer to study at home, while some have no choice but to leave their workplace or house. Some people like to study in a group setting, while others prefer to do it alone. Make an effort to stick to what works for you. If you’re going through a difficult period and finding it difficult to get through it, create some incentives to keep you motivated and inspired. Make such personal incentives for achieving or surpassing a specific goal.

Make sure you have a wide set of studies. Every hour, you work on a different subject. It allows you to stay away from dullness. Consider the many activities or exercises you may do to address different topics. Avoid discouragement by concentrating on positive things when taking the fake tests and simulators and not doing what you thought you would. Consider this deceit as a chance to learn something new. They’re fantastic ways to keep track of your studies’ progress and preparedness. Make the most of the training opportunities as much as feasible.

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How to apply for PMP certification?

Project Management Professional is a worldwide valued and accepted course offered by Project Management Institute. It provides value to an employee. It is a proof for an employer that an employee possesses all the required skills for the job position they are applying for.

Whether you are an experienced project manager or a fresher it is really important to have basic knowledge of skills required to manage a project. However, it is very important to upgrade yourself from time to time.

PMP certification course can be obtained easily if you have the right plan and implementation for that plan. Make sure you plan your things well and stay ahead of time.

Given below are few tips that you can use while preparing for your PMP exam.

  1. Identify your target

Before you even start preparing decide on your desired goal. Decide for sure that you are going to appear for the PMP exam. This is the first step before you start your preparation.

Since 35 hours are required, most of the time is spent on testing, passing notes, recalling formulas and passing unclear sections that you were not able to grasp well.

Hence, it takes between 70-85 hours of regular PMP training. It takes average 12-14 weeks to prepare.

  • Make a proper study timetable for fruitful PMP Exam prep

You should be able to schedule 6 hours a week according to your time table. You might have long vacation days or special days on which you might not study. Make sure you adjust the timings accordingly.

  • Collect the references and PMP notes

Throughout the PMP training there are many notes and formulas that you get. You must have hard copy of your notes before you begin with the lecture. This will help you with your lectures and will also help you understand the concept well.

  • Practice!

Practice as much as you can. It will clear your concepts and will increase the speed. Thus helping in the exams.

Follow the above mentioned tips for PMP Exam prep and you will soon be PMP certified.  Follow all the above given tips while applying for PMP certification course.

Top advantages of PMP certification

The Project management Institute is the supreme and the biggest project management organization of the world. The PMP exam is considered to be the toughest exam in project management. But if prepared in a proper and structured way can help you crack the examination with ease.

The PMP certification ensures the employees that you are committed to Project management company of the world. After successfully clearing the PMP examination you will come under the niche category of the project managers.

The PMP certification will make you stand out of the crowd. the best part about PMP certification is that candidate who has PMP certification will be offered a good salary as compared to someone who do not have a PMP certification.

You should be PMP for some certified reasons that are: –

  • It is the proof of your expertise performance
  • It will help you get better salary options
  • It improves your marketability
  • It enhances confidence especially in the organization to hire you

Let’s see the top advantages of PMP certification.

  • The PMP certification will make your resume look great-It improves your resume. in addition to this, the PMP certification of the project management is required by many employers. They would not want to hire people those who do not have PMP certification. That shows the importance of PM certification.
  • PMP improves your skills- handling or leading a particular project needs a lot of attention and dedication. That you will be taught while taking the PMP course. Thus, during your certification you will be taught extensively on improving your skills and knowledge.
  • Improvement in salary- candidates those who have a PMP certification are always well hiked in terms of salary and salary package as compared to those candidates who do not have a PMP certification. Getting a good amount of salary is something you should consider to take up the PMP certification.

Details that you must know: –

  • PMP exam duration is for 230 minutes.
  • The number of questions will be 180 that can be multiple choice type.
  • The PMP exam is available in English language. But there are although 14 other languages as well.
  • The cost of the exam for PMI members is USD $405 and for non-members the exam cost is USD $50.
  • The exam is valid for three years.

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How to ace PMP Exam prep as a newcomer?

One of the most renowned project management accreditations offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the Project Management Professional (PMP). It can sometimes be a daunting task to fulfill the PMP Exam prep process to become a certified PMP. Here are guidelines to help you receive your qualifications effectively.

Guidelines to help you obtain the project management certification

Be a member of PMI. After you become a PMI member you can witness numerous perks. You can receive good savings on exam costs and use the PMBOK guide free of charge not only for using the PMI Global Standards Library and other digital PMP forums. It also lets you create a powerful network throughout the world with other project managers.

To order to take the PMP Exam prep you have to undergo the mandatory panel preparation to obtain the 35-hour PDUs. You must then apply and complete the review application by accessing the official PMI website. PMI must evaluate your submission to verify your background in project management to decide if you are eligible to participate in the study. You will pay the review charge when accepted and complete the audit formalities.

Craft a solid study plan

Prepare for your examination and make a solid study plan. The training requires normally 6-8 weeks, so the test must be arranged appropriately, so that a few days are available for revision. You will regularly practice certification in project management or business analyst certification to try to solve as many samples of problems as you can to help you identify and function in your weak areas. You can use the tools and simulators to enable you better understand the concepts of the exam course. Practice is your key to successfully obtaining a professional certification. A professional credential can help you land on better job prospects, with a higher salary and strong networking. Appear for the exam. Execute and Succeed.

What is PMP? – Preparation and Strategy

While preparing for the PMP exam it is quite unlike what you did before. Here the focus should be on the practice, guidelines, management framework according to the constitution of PMP exam that is PMBOK 7th edition.

PMP known as Project management Professionals is one of the most globally approved and recognized exams in the world. Cracking the PMP exam will strive you achieve a lot in your project management career.

Let’s check some of the PMP exam preparation strategies that you must follow-

  • You can quickly get enrolled in the PMP Exam preparation course. Get the assistance from the best institute of PMP training providers. The training institutes will guide on every step on moving forward and understanding the PMP exam technicalities.
  • Plan and lay down a study plan according to your regime. If you are already working then take out some time in studying the PMP exam all technicality, eligibility, strategy, etc.
  • Make sure you study and revise simultaneously. Take reference from different management book ad master the topics that you feel are tough for you to understand. Make notes and jot down all the important information in pointers form in your rough notebook.

Here are some things that you should consider regarding PMP.

  • It is the proof of your expertise performance
  • It will help you get better salary options
  • It improves your marketability
  • It enhances confidence especially in the organization to hire you

The eligibility for cracking the PMP examination are: –

  • Bachelor or post graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s degree or master’s degree or global equivalent)
  • Secondary degree in high school, associate’s degree or global equivalent.
  • Four-year bachelor degree or global equivalent

Project management experience should be as follows: –

  • Minimum five years/60 months unique non over lapping professional project management experience.
  • Minimum there years/30 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience.
  • Minimum two years/24 months unique over lapping professional project management experience.

Project management education requirements-

  • 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are in active CAPM holder.
  • 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are in active CAPM holder.
  • 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are in active CAPM holder.


I hope the above blog has helped you understand the importance of PMP course and the requirement of PMP exam prep before the actual exam. If you are also looking for the best training institute for PMP training course. Come and contact us today!

Strategies that justify a solid PMP Exam prep!

There will be a major pay rise and job development after you receive the project management credential. Applicants who pass the PMP Exam are described as having a high level of project management expertise. The undertaking of PMP Exam preptakes between 2-3 months on average.

How to prepare for the PMP Certification exam?

Most people already know this, so if you’re new to PMI Program – PMP, it should be your first step. You shouldn’t start studying for the PMP just because you heard the word. Nothing operates without time control. If you keep your PMP exam writing deadline flexible, you must continue to press it. As a result, it’s important to set a target date and month for the PMP exam and work backwards from there.

This is therefore important in terms of your eligibility, and it will adequately train you. Most people would rather read a prep book first. Attend the PMP Qualification Training. You will use it by reading PMBOK and some other books. Every move takes time and can be distracting, so it is vital that you adhere to the schedule in order to complete each process.

Here you should put what you’ve learned to the test. It requires a minimum of two simulation exercises to determine the ability to sit and focus on questions for an extended period of time. This happens to everyone; it’s nothing to be worried with. After each mock test, this phase is the most critical since the objective of the mock test is no longer valid. Determine the blind spots. Before attempting to test it again, work on it. Look stuff up on the internet to make sure you understand anything. This move can be replicated many times, and it will instil trust and preparedness in you. Mock checks are what get you ready every day according to your schedules and make sure you don’t constantly alter dates by defining a difference after each transfer. To get the PMP, follow these moves. It is not difficult to follow this schedule, and small modifications and versatility may be made if required. Any law must be observed primarily because of its scale. These technical qualification tests, such as PMP, ECBA, CBAP Certification etc, are difficult to pass. Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned above.

Explore the advanced level Project Management Courses

Surviving in the field of project management as well as business analysis for the long run can quite be a big challenge. If you are a highly experienced project manager, the certification that you can aim for, in order to boost your career is the PMP certification course Similarly, the most advanced business analyst certification that one can aim for is the CCBA certification. Below mentioned are further details about both these advanced level professional certification courses.

Details about PMP Certification Course:

The PMP certification is regulated under the Project Management Institute, which is known to be regulating some of the best certifications in the field of project management. However, if you wish to get certified with the PMP certification, you would need to clear its certification exam, eligibility criteria for which have been provided below:

  • To be eligible for the PMP certification exam, it is required for each and every high school diploma holder to have gained a minimum of 5 years of work experience with at least 7500 hours of working as a project manager. The applicants for the PMP certification course who have a degree or a higher qualification can appear for the exam only after 3 years of work experience in addition to a minimum of 4500 hours of working as a project manager.
  • All the applicants for the PMP certification exam are also required to complete the mandatory 35 hours of formal PMP training.

Details about CCBA Certification Course:

CCBA is regulated under the International Institute of Business Analysis. This certification is one of the most advanced ones in the field of business analysis and you can only apply for the same if you fulfill all the below-mentioned requirements:

  • You must hold at least 3750 hours of professional business analyst experience, which must be gained over the past 7 years.
  • Within these 3750 hours of professional experience, it is also mandatory to have completed at least 900 hours each, in either 2, or 500 hours each, in either 4 of the BABok knowledge guide areas.
  • Apart from that, all the applicants also need to have gained at least 21 hours of professional development over the past 4 years.

A less advanced alternative for the PMP certification course is the CAPM certification, which is also regulated by PMI. An IIBA alternative for the CCBA certification is the ECBA certification.

Start building your Project Management Career with CAPM Certification

Undoubtedly, project management is one of the first professional preferences for each and every entry-level aspirant out there. Well, project management is certainly one of the most promising professional fields in the current market. If you become successful in making your space in the professional field of project management, you can become tension-free about your upcoming future. However, in order to start your career from the right spot in the field, you should consider gaining a professional certification even before you enter the practical field. The best institute from which you can seek to get certified is the PMI. It is one of the most prominent international institutes that is responsible for regulating project management certification. The best entry-level certification that is regulated under PMI is the CAPM to clear which you can also seek online CAPM training. Below mentioned is some helpful information that would help you proceed towards your certification.

Check out if you are eligible for the CAPM Certification:

In order to gain the CAPM certification, you will require to not only gain proper online CAPM training but you shall also be required to clear the CAPM exam post that. In order to appear for the CAPM exam, you shall require to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

  • You should have successfully completed either high school, any of its global equivalent, or higher-level qualification.
  • You also should have a minimum of 1500 hours of professional experience in order to apply for the CAPM exam. However, alternatively, you can also complete 23 hours of formal CAPM training to become eligible.

How to prepare in an effective way for the CAPM certification?

  • The applicants should try to get a deep insight into the information that has been provided in the PMBok knowledge guide. The certification exam for CAPM has been laid down on the basics of project management that have been mentioned in this helpful professional guide.
  • The applicants can also seek to get online CAPM training from one of the PMI authorized institutes. Keeping the current situations in mind, it is best to opt for online CAPM training that you can take up from the comfort of your home rather than getting out in the crowd,

You can also join a PMI group to get a better understanding of Project Management as a professional field and seek guidance from highly experienced professionals.

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