Know the best certifications for Project Managers

If you are a budding project manager and are willing to explore your limits, the best way to be able to eligible for the best of the opportunities in the field is by getting certified by one of the best certifications out there. If we talk about one of the most prominent institutes that has a global presence and is highly valued for its certifications, there cannot be better than PMI. Two of the most valued certifications that are regulated under this amazing institute are the CAPM and the PMP course. Let us discuss in detail about these two certifications.

All about the PMP Certification:

PMP course is undoubtedly one of the most valued as well as advanced certifications which project manager can gain in order to boost his/her career. However, if you are willing to gain this certification it is mandatory for you to have a work experience of minimum 5 years with 7500 hours of working if you are a high school diploma holder. Alternately, you can also have 3 years of work experience along with 4500 hours of working if you have a higher qualification. Additionally, you must also complete a PMP prep course of 35 hours before you apply for your PMP certification.

All about the CAPM Certification:

CAPM is an entry-level certification in the field of project management. However, it is one of the most prominent certifications that can help a fresh graduate avail a global presence. You can gain this certification even if you do not have any kind of prior work experience. In order to appear for its certification exam, the applicants are required to have either a work experience of 1500 hours or must complete a CAPM training Toronto of 23 hours.

PMI is definitely the most advanced certification in the field of project management. Moreover, if you qualify to gain the same, you need not even think twice. However, if your profile does not match its eligibility requirements as of now, you can go ahead for the CAPM certification, which is also a great way to move ahead in your early career.

What benefits does project management certification training provide?

Is your mind buzzing with different thoughts of whether to go for the training program or not? Are you stuck with how to boost your knowledge? If all these questions are hindering in your mind then keep reading as you will find the answer to everything in this article.

Project Management Training:

These are designed to help the candidates understand more about the concepts and topics that are related to your projects. For instance, if you do your PMP Exam Prep which is also known as Project Management Professionals you will get bewildered with so many chapters and topics that you have to learn and understand. In such conditions, the trainers provide you with the correct guidance on how to study and prepare for the exam.

The perks that they provide:

There is an end number of benefits that one can avail once they get enrolled in CAPM Training or any other training. The top benefits that one enjoys are as follows.

  •  They provide you with the basic knowledge and make all the concepts clear so that you have a strong base.
  • The trainers are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills thus, they will advise you on how to learn the topics and which ones require extra importance.
  • Though you will find various study material for doing your PMP Exam prep in the right manner these experts will especially provide you with the study material studying which can be of great help for the exam.
  • They even guide you on how to start the application process and cross the hurdles that come in between. You will be informed beforehand about the documents that are required, hence you get home to arrange all of them.
  • They give you tips and tricks which you can use to increase your chance of clearing the exam in the first attempt.
  • You are exposed to practical experience that enables you to learn how to tackle the problems that occur in the real-world. This is one of the best offerings by the training institutes as it serves as a great help for becoming a leading project manager.

What does Project Management Training entail?

The increasing demand for Project Managers in the corporate market has made the value of certification courses more valuable over recent years. Everyone whether employers or employees are yearnings for perfection, so for this all are trying to keep themselves upgraded with the latest courses which brush up their skills and previous knowledge.

What is Exam prep training?

The training is provided by trained experts who are equipped with all the necessary information and skills. If a candidate enrolls himself/herself for a certain course such as the CAPM Training Toronto that is offered by a globally recognized institute (Project Management Institute), this particular course facilitates their preparation for the exam and also helps in meeting the prerequisites of appearing in the exam.

What does it consist of?

  • The whole syllabus is made up of different items such as the concepts of project management based on the PMBOK guide (Project Management Book of Knowledge), different terminologies related to the role.
  • It mainly covers 47 processes that are spread across ten project management knowledge areas and 5 project management process groups.  If you are doing your PMP Exam prep this program will give you an insight on how to apply these processes for the successful completion of the projects.
  • Apart from inculcating the knowledge, the trainers give you a study guide that would help you to crack the exam easily.
  • You are exposed to different practical thinking which means by creating real-world scenarios in the class you are taught how to tackle the problem that arrives during working on any project.
  • Moreover, they provide the study material along with tips on how to do your PMP Exam prep or other certification exam preparation. 
  • Often due to the hectic schedule, we are not able to give as much time as we should for studying, in such a condition, doing training programs will be beneficial as you will learn the art of managing time and also how to prepare in less time.

Stop buzzing your mind with the thoughts of whether or not to enroll for these courses. It acts as the short-cut for cracking the exam easily and quickly.

Conquer the World of Project Management

Project Management as a profession has gained a lot of value over the past few years. However, with the increase in the value of the project managers, the number of professionals entering the field has also seen the rise. This has led to great competition within the field. This makes it very difficult for a deserving candidate to reach his desired place amidst this huge crown. However, there is a great option for professionals who wish to boost their careers as project managers. They can seek to get certified by one of the certifications by the PMI Institute, which is considered to be the most prominent ones in the profession. Below mentioned are two of its most promising Certifications.

CAPM Certification by PMI:

CAPM is an entry-level certification for project managers who have very low work experience or for the ones who are still thinking about entering the field of Project Management. Moreover, CAPM training can be really helpful for new applicants to start their professional life on the right note. It can help them get into one of the best corporates with their first job itself.

PMP Certification by PMI:

PMP is one of the most advanced certifications that is regulated under the PMI and surely does require a whole lot of work experience as well as PMP Prep to gain this certification. Moreover, this valuable certification is accepted by most of the multi-national companies, thus providing the professional with exposure to the international market.

However, even before you think about gaining this prestigious certification, it is a must for you to have a minimum of 3-5 years of work experience even to apply for this advanced certification. Therefore, do not forget to check out the detailed eligibility criteria at the official PMI website before proceeding further.

Gaining either one of the above mentioned PMI Certifications based on your work experience can allow you to cater to a much broader opportunity base in the international market than your current situation; therefore, start your CAPM and PMP Exam Prep now and fulfill all your career goals.

PMP certification can allow you to make name for yourself internationally

PMI (Project Management Institute) offers 2 great certification courses for professionals working in the field of project management, CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) and PMP (Project Management Professional). Getting these certifications can prove to be an adrenaline shot for your career as a project manager making you stand out of the crowd and get noticed on a global level.

Prepare for PMP

PMP certification is an essential certification for professionals who have been working as project managers for at least 5 years now. Once you have become eligible for the exam and cleared it, you are set to go for larger projects and work on a more global platform rather than being working on domestic and local projects. PMP certification can allow you to make name for yourself internationally.

Preparing for PMP requires you to go through the PMBoK and have a complete understanding of the guide. Understand the exam pattern, go through the exam content and practice mock tests to ensure you get certified on your first try.

Prepare for CAPM in Toronto

CAPM training Toronto requires you to have an excellent routine and a plan on how you are going to clear the exam. Make an outline of the course and ensure that you have covered the course material thoroughly. On field experience is a great boon for this exam as you know and understand what the test is asking for and what is it that you should be answering.

Your local PMI chapter in Toronto can help you understand complex topics and provide you with constant updates regarding jobs in the project management field and opportunities for various projects. Apart from having a field experience, you can also communicate and network with other candidates and even senior professionals as to how to approach the exam and what are the best ways to not get overwhelmed by the test.

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