Internationally acknowledged certifications for Professionals

IIBA tests your fundamentals and your knowledge of the BABoK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) to determine your understanding of the core principles and practices of the profession and your understanding of management and business along with your analytical ability of the same. Getting IIBA certified can be a huge boost to the career of business analysts as it can help them in getting noticed in the crowd and have a lead in terms of career progression and opportunities.

PMP or Project Management Professional is a professional course for project managers around the world who have been in the profession for years now. This certification course is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) and is considered one of the top certifications available for project management professionals. PMP course holds a lot of sway in the industry and can be considered as the benchmark to separate the top project managers from the rest of them.

Project Management Professional Certification:

Project Management Professional requires you to have a significant understanding of the subject and an in-depth knowledge of the PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Once you have completed your PMP course it becomes much easier to get your PMP certification. While your work experience is an important eligibility criterion for appearing for PMP, it does not affect the exam and your certification itself. Preparing for PMP certification is not a difficult task once you know these tips to prepare for PMP.

Importance of IIBA Certifications:

IIBA assesses your expertise and knowledge with regards to business analytics and tests your fundamentals in the area. You must also have a thorough knowledge of the BABoK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) to be able to be climb certifications and establish yourself as a veteran analyst. There is no need for any previous work experience and you can get certified based on your knowledge and expertise in the field. Grasping the fundamentals and basics of business analytics and the BABoK is essential to earn these certifications. IIBA certification will allow you to add credentials to your name and be noticed in the profession.

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